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Barking Switch House External Refurbishment

Case Study - Barking Switch House01 - 200

Completed North Elevation

National Grid Plc
£1,000,000 (over 3 years)
1990 Minor Works
January 2009

Case Study - Barking Switch House02 - 200

Using Articulated Boom

National Grid is one of the world’s largest utilities, owning and operating gas and electricity transmission and gas distribution networks across the United Kingdom.

Case Study - Barking Switch House03 - 200

Using Soft Scissor Lift

They have a heavy focus on delivering energy safely, reliably, responsibly and efficiently and as such demand the highest standards from their supply chain with regards to health and safety, quality and environmental.

Case Study - Barking Switch House04 - 200

Hanging Scaffold

This project, one of many undertaken by George Law Ltd, was to refurbish the external concrete render, paint and apply protective coatings to the Barking 132kv Switch House.  In total, over 6,000m2 of repairs and coatings were applied on this continuously functioning building over a 3 year period.

Case Study - Barking Switch House05 - 200

Completed West Elevation

Due to a verity of external fixtures and fittings, several methods of access had to be used to complete the works, these included:-

•    Cradles
•    Hanging Scaffold
•    Articulated Boom
•    Sofft Scissor Lifts
•    Mobile Tower Scaffold