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Berwyn Viaduct and Station Refurbishment

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Viaduct and Station

Llangollen Railway Trust
ICE Minor Works 2nd Edition
March 2004

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Difficult Access

George Law began its association with Llangollen Steam Railway working together on the Award Winning Berwyn Viaduct refurbishment project, a five arch masonry structure by the side of the River Dee.

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Use of Rolling Plant

The track was removed, the saddles over the arches exposed and new waterproofing and drainage installed.  Defective brickwork and stone replaced or stabilised by using Cintec steel anchors to tie back suspect areas.

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Difficult Access

Another part of the contract was to extend the platform from Berwyn Station across the Viaduct to restore the Station to its original appearance.

Despite difficult access and winter working, the contract was successfully completed and received an Award from the Institution of Civil Engineers, Historic Bridges.  The judges said “We could not help thinking how diabolically awkward the site was” and “the quality of workmanship is just terrific”

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Platform Extension

George Law’s professional and friendly approach and performance on this project lead to further contacts such as the total refurbishment of Llangollen Station and the River Dee Bridge Scour Protection.