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Repair of Failed Slopes and Reinstatement of Railway

Case Study - SVR Slips01 - 200

Bank Stabilisation

Severn Valley Railway
JCT Design and Build
April 2008

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Track Reinstatement

During violent rainstorms in 2007 the railway suffered major damage, more extensive than any in its history and the story made the national news.  The line was damaged between Bridgnorth and Northwood Halt, where the line suffered from numerous landslides with many sections of the line suspended in mid-air.

Many cuttings were also filled with debris.  At Highley the embankment the railway crossed was completely washed away.  At Hampton Loade, the access road to the railway station and indeed the only road to the village was also washed away.  Over 45 separate locations suffered damage.

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Exposed Track

We were asked to undertake initial temporary repairs and subsequent long term reinstatement of the valley side and railway line.  Working on the slopes was often restricted by very difficult access, made worse as nothing could be brought down the tracks.  George Law assisted the engineer with proposals for practical solutions that could be utilised.

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Soil Nails

George Law was also vigilant while the works were undertaken to identify any new slips and to monitor the areas we were working on to ensure that our construction activities did not compound the problem or cause any danger to our workforce.

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Land Damage

This project won the ICE West Midlands Project Award 2009 - for an “outstanding example of a civil engineering project” in the ‘Special Award for Community Benefit’ category.