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Rising Brook Community Fire Station

Case Study - Rising Brook 01 - 200

New Community Fire Station

Commissioning Authority:
Staffordshire Fire and
Rescue Service
PFI – Building Contract FM Interface Agreement
August 2010

Case Study - Rising Brook 02 - 200

Appliance Bay

This is one of ten new fire stations being built in Staffordshire by the FireSupport consortium.  The site allocated to this new station was on existing school tennis courts and the initial part of the contract was to build a permanent road around the fire station site which required close liaison with the school.  The school was invited to decorate a temporary hoarding fence and partake in a time capsule burial.

Case Study - Rising Brook 03 - 200

Rear of New Building

The new fire station was carried out under the Considerate Contractor Scheme and was required to achieve a “Very Good” BREEAM rating which included stringent requirements on noise levels and the building being subject to an air leakage test.

Case Study - Rising Brook 04 - 200

Briefing/Meeting Rooms

A new access was formed from the road and the ground improved by vibro-compaction. The storm water went to an attenuation tank under the new road then into the existing storm system in the highway via a pumping station.  All new services where required which needed close liaison with the utilities and local authorities to direct these services into a very tight site.

Case Study - Rising Brook 05 - 200

Modern Welfare Facilities

The building is steel construction with Ash and Lacy “rain screen cladding” exterior.  A high level of finish was specified  as it is intended that the station will also be used as a community centre.  Facilities therefore had to be provided for this use as well as the robust equipment for the Fire Brigade.  The station has also won the ‘Secure by Design’ award.