GEORGE LAW LTD, Building and Civil Engineering

George Law always adopt a holistic approach to risk management working with our Client’s and design teams to understand the many risks that affect a project.  This is not limited to George Law’s risks on health and safety, cost, programme, ground condition and other unknowns or resource availability but we look to consider the risks that the Client is looking to manage or that the Designers have identified. 

Though this process, using a detailed risk matrix, we often find that we are able to manage risks that the Client has identified and similarly we may ask the Client to manage risks that they may look to pass down to the contractor as this will give them better value. 

With risks identified there are many options for their evaluation and management.  George Law look to discuss risk management with our Clients and in some cases this is linked to a financial appraisal of the risks.  Taken further some Clients then hold a risk fund that is used to pay for works if the risk materialises, if the risk is managed out then the money is not expended and the Client benefits financially.