GEORGE LAW LTD, Building and Civil Engineering

George Law Ltd is certified to the international standard ISO 14001.

We are fully aware of the impact our everyday actions have on the communities in which we work.  We never forget how our business affects our employees and the population as a whole and base our actions on our understanding of the general public interest.  This is reflected in our proactive approach to recycling, sustainability and the elimination of waste wherever possible.

Through our Environmental Management System, we are very careful not to harm the natural and built environment with our actions.

We believe the areas of our business that have the potential to be harmful to the environment and therefore are a high priority are:-

  • Waste and Recycling - Our preferred method for reducing waste is to re-use materials on-site by segregating waste into different recycling streams.  We also look to the market place for other opportunities to re-use waste.
  • Pollution - Preventative measure will be taken at all stages to eliminate risk of pollution to air, water or land protecting trees, wildlife, watercourses and fauna.
  • Sustainability - A product of many different factors.  In principle we consider the occupied life of a building as being of higher priority than its construction.
  • Procurement - We endeavour to use materials from approved sustainable sources and to reduce the environmental impact of goods and services consumed by the company.
  • Wildlife and Conservation - Wildlife organisations will be contacted to ensure protected species do not inhabit the area.  If found, provision will be made for protecting or re-homing.
  • Awareness - Risks are often mitigated by increasing the awareness of site personnel and visitors.  Any issues will be highlighted at pre-start meetings and further at site inductions.
  • Training - Site personnel are given formal training on environmental risks including incident and preventative action.

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