GEORGE LAW LTD, Building and Civil Engineering

Becoming Our Supplier

Subcontractors are selected from an approved list on our Supply Chain Partner database.  These companies have been vetted to ensure that they have the appropriate public liability insurance, health and safety policy and quality standards as a minimum.  Our database will also record their performance on previous contracts by site performance and by health & safety standards. 

This provides the management team with useful experience and pointers of some of the risks of using any particular contractors.  Selected contractors will be asked to price the work package identified.  It is our intention to provide enough relevant information to allow the contractor to accurately price the work, to a known programme and quality standard.

If you think your company has what it takes to be a George Law Supply Chain Partner and continuously deliver quality in a safe manner, to the high standard we and our clients have come to expect, then please e-mail with your details.